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Opiates Street Names

Opiates are narcotics that are derived from the poppy plant to produce an array of analgesic effects. When prescribed, opiates can be used for the treatment of mild to severe pain, when abused, they are used to produce euphoria and sedation. When discussing opiates, street names are often used so that those who are not actively involved in the drugs or drug use do not know what the conversation is really about.

There are many different types of opiates. Heroin, opium, morphine, fentanyl, Hydrocodone, oxycodone, the list just goes on and on. Each type of opiate usually has an array of street names that can be used to openly discuss the drug to others. Some of those street names are provided here.

Heroin Street Names

According to the DEA, some of the street names for heroin are:

opiates abuse

Opiates all derive from the opium poppy plant.

  • Smack
  • Black Tar
  • H
  • Dope
  • Brown Sugar
  • White China
  • Chiva

Hydrocodone Street Names

Some of the street names to describe hydrocodone include:

  • Hydro
  • Lorri
  • Tabs
  • Vics
  • Vicos
  • Norcos

Codeine Street Names

Some of the names used on the streets to describe Codeine include:

  • Cough syrup
  • T 3

Morphine Street Names

Some of the names used on the street to describe Morphine include:

  • Morph
  • M
  • Miss Emma

Duragesic Street Names

Some of the street names used to describe Duragesic or Fentanyl, another powerful opiate, include:

  • Liquid Crack
  • Cash
  • King ivory
  • China White

When talking about opiates, street names such as the various lingo used to describe each drug listed above are commonly used. By knowing the names that are used and keeping a keen ear, you may be able to pinpoint a potential problem just by overhearing someone you love or care about having what they believe to be a “hush hush” or “coded” conversation.