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Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

Various remedies are provided at opiate rehab centers to assist patients in overcoming opiate withdrawal.  Opiate withdrawal remedies may include holistic care such as massage therapy or acupuncture, natural remedies, herbal remedies, exercise and nutritional meals.  In some cases, medication may also be prescribed to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms, especially those which become severe or which pose a risk of danger to the patient.

withdrawal from opiates

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Holistic Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

The two most common holistic remedies for opiate withdrawal include acupuncture and massage.  Massage is often used to alleviate muscle or joint pain and also to reduce stress.  Acupuncture has been proven effective at treating stomach cramps, nausea and in some cases vomiting.  These remedies are not always effective for all patients and they are not provided at every rehab center that treats opiate addiction but some rehab centers do offer this type of treatment.

Natural Remedies for Opiate Withdrawal

The most common natural remedy for opiate withdrawal is rest.  Just taking the time to relax and rest can go a long way when it comes to opiate addiction treatment and withdrawal treatment.  Many patients find it difficult to rest during certain phases of opiate withdrawal and in these cases, other natural remedies such as herbal treatments or exercise may also be incorporated in to assist the patient in feeling better and in promoting future rest that can help them to heal.

Herbal Remedies

Various herbal remedies have been found to be effective at treating upset stomach, nausea, insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opiate addiction.  Chamomile tea may be given to induce relaxation and sleep or to reduce anxiety.  Other herbal remedies may be provided to increase the rate of detoxification so that the patient will feel better sooner.

Exercise for Opiate Withdrawal

While it may seem difficult to cope with the ideal or thought of exercise early on in the withdrawal phase, opiate detox can be completed much quicker if exercise is performed to assist the body in eliminating the toxins that are left behind as a result of long term opiate abuse.  Most rehab centers will provide at least a mild exercise program that in time can be increased to promote better health, faster detox and just plain feeling better.

Nutritional Meals for Opiate Withdrawal

Finally, certain foods will help the patient to detox and cleanse faster.  Rehab centers will provide nutritious meals that promote cleansing of toxins during the first days of opiate detox and withdrawal and during subsequent days to increase the overall digestive health of the patient.  While you may not feel much like eating at first, nutritious meals can help the body restore and rejuvenate to a natural state of being post addiction and withdrawal so try your best to eat what you can.