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Cost of Opiate Rehab

The cost of opiate rehab will differ from one facility to the next and may even differ within the same facility for one patient to the next.  Various factors go into determining the cost of opiate rehab including the location and demand for services, the type of care provided, the length of the program and whether medications are included in the treatment.  Consider these facts when trying to determine a range of what opiate rehab will likely cost for your individual situation.

opiate rehab

You can find an opiate rehab center for your financial means.

Location and Demand for Services

Certain locations naturally have a higher demand for opiate rehabilitation services and because of the higher demand, the cost will likely be higher in these areas.  Further, certain locations naturally have nicer accommodations or amenities such as being close to the beach or in the mountains.  These locations will typically cost more for their services than those which are in less remote areas or which have fewer desirable amenities.  Another thing to consider when choosing opiate rehab is how close it is to your home or place of work. This is especially valuable if you are attending an outpatient rehab program that you will not remain at.

Type of Care Provided

Another factor that can change the cost of opiate rehab quite significantly is the type of care that is provided at the facility where you get help.  Inpatient opiate rehab is typically more costly because you receive meals, housing and around-the-clock medical care while in this type of facility.  For a less costly approach to getting the help you need, opt for an outpatient treatment program where you will provide your own meals and housing outside of the facility.

Length of the Program

Most opiate rehab programs span at least 30 days and the most effective opiate rehab programs are at least 90 days long.  The length of time that you are in treatment will definitely have to do with a change in the overall cost of opiate rehab.  Longer programs are naturally going to cost more than short term programs but they are typically more effective and result in reduced chance for relapse when compared with their short-term counterparts.


If you are provided with medications during opiate rehab this can significantly increase the total cost of the treatment unless such medications are included in the overall cost of the rehab program.  Ask the rehab center if medications are included in your total treatment costs before you make any final decisions as to your care.  If medications are not included, consider seeking  facility that does include medications or consider setting up a strict budget with the center that will alert you to any significant medication costs prior to incurring the bill.